In the past twenty years, many boys have failed to become men.

With the proliferation of pop culture, video games, smartphones, instant-access porn and an ever-growing “ME” culture, the young impressionable male has given in and their fathers have given up. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Once upon a time, there was a manner of being established by just and noble men. Chivalry – a code of knights, heroes and horsemen that adhered to the highest levels of social, moral and spiritual ideals.

These were men of exception, not the rule.

Like a village-destroying dragon, the daddy decay in our culture has reared its head. The fear, apathy and self-centered isolation plaguing our young boys ravages our future like a band of pillaging marauders. But, we can unsheathe truth, defend honor and defeat the enemy. At a time when barbarism threatened to unravel the fabric of society, a standard was raised. It’s time to consider the application of the Code of Chivalry once again.

For An infected lost generation of drugged up, dumbed down, violently effeminized males, CHIVAL is an inoculation”

Jeffrey Prather

Author & MAJ USA (Ret), Initiation

Every generation writes its own rules for its culture. Regardless of a man’s or boy’s age or their demographic, the principles and techniques in “Chival” will help them understand and become the person they were meant to be. Chivalry is not dead; it’s only culturally dormant. This book will resuscitate it.

Chuck Reaves

Author & Speaker, The Theory of 21

This is a must read for all men, but every single woman should also read this book to learn what standard they should demand from the men who seek the privilege of their company.

Charles Marshall

Author & Speaker, The Good Dad Guide