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BIO – Tommy Wood

Tommy Wood is a writer, director, designer and media producer. Wood wrote, directed and produced the award-winning feature film Grilling Bobby Hicks, and his screenplay Pieces of Eight was a Top Finalist in the Academy Awards Nicholls Fellowship. Tommy’s pointed articles warning of the dangers of agenda-based children’s programming have been featured on Breitbart and MovieGuide. A native Georgian, Tommy has been married to his wife Stephanie for thirty years. They have a son and two daughters.


Once upon a time, there was a code made by just and noble men. A code of knights, heroes and horsemen that adhered to the highest levels of social, moral and spiritual values. Chivalry. A lifestyle born of the qualities expected in an ideal man, Chivalry is a rule of honor, courtesy, generosity, bravery, justice and readiness. Some say Chivalry is dead. Birthed in the twelfth century, it must be so old it has all but turned to dust. But, valor, courage, heroism and kindness do not go out of style. I say there is still muscle and sinew underneath that weathered skin. The knight’s code lives, and a life viewed through a Chivalric lens provides the foundation to become men of exception, not the rule. In CHIVAL, Wood gives us the tools to forge our own higher standard.

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